Rt.Hon Samson Osagie: Edo APC Cannot And Must Not Fail To Win Edo 2024 Governorship

MESSAGE TO EDO APC My dear party men and women, I am constrained to admonish us to approach the 2024 Governorship election in our dear state with the singleness of mind, unity of purpose and a commitment to victory. Success they say has many friends but failure is an orphan. Only victory will assuage and replace our pains with gains, heal our bruises and provide greater opportunities for future individual and collective advancement. We must eliminate hate speeches in our campaigns before, during and even after the primaries. We must eschew bitterness and a sense of entitlement. We must give ourselves a befitting honour of respecting one another and taking our individual and collective responsibilities seriously. We cannot and must not fail to win the 2024 Gubernatorial elections in Edo State. DR.SAMSON R.OSAGIE( Party Member)

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