Edo 2024: Imansuagbon Promise To Revamp Sports Adopting Ogbumudia Blueprint

Barrister Kenneth Imansuangbon (aka The Riceman), has promised that when he emerges as governor of the state in 2024 he will work earnestly to ensure that it “regained its glorious past when it was recognised as the leading state in sports in Nigeria.”
He made the promise in his congratulatory message to the players of the Bendel Insurance FC of Benin for their very daring performance in their outing against the Renaissance Berkane of Morocco in the CAF Confederation Cup Contest last weekend. 
The LP guber hopeful praised the team and its officials for a job well done. The Riceman stated that despite some shortcomings as regards to the hostile nature of the Moroccan fans in the second and final leg of the qualifying stage match played on their home soil “players of the mighty Bendel Insurance FC of Benin went all out to ensure that they were not disgraced.
“I am assuring the people of Edo State that on my emergence as governor of Edo State in 2024 I will put machinery in motion to ensure that the state regained its glorious past when it was recognised as the leading state in sports in Nigeria.”
Going further, he asserted that he will proudly fall back on the method that the late governor of the then Bendel State, Brigadier Samuel Ogbemudia adopted in achieving the feats that culminated in the athletes of the state origin winning laurels all over the world.
“If it means going into the archives to dig out the method the late Brigadier Samuel Ogbemudia the then Governor of Bendel State adopted in nurturing talents who won laurels all over the world trust me to do so proudly. 
“By reviving our sports sector and bringing the best out of our athletes majority of who are in the age bracket of youths we are sure of making sports the big business that it ought to be. A large chunk of foreign currencies that will accrue to our youths from sports will no doubt be invested mainly in the state thus acting as a support in creating more jobs and beautifying the towns in the state. 
“When this is done we can then proudly beat our chest to affirm that Edo no be Lagos since we will be playing a healthy game of catch up with our neighbours.”

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