Sheriff in Court over allegations of forgery of certificate.

Earlier today the gubernatorial candidate for the PDP was called into the witness box to testify and defend his certificate same having been questioned and alleged to have been forged.

Under cross examination Sheriff admitted that there were discrepancies in his date of birth as shown in different certificates.

He went further to admit that he instructed his lawyers to file a motion to transfer the case from Abuja to Asaba or Warri and for the Judge to recuse himself from hearing the case. When asked the reason, stated in admissions that the Abuja Judge has delivered judgment in cases similar to his own wherein the governorship candidates were disqualified.

Sheriff also admitted filling the From CF001 for 2018 wherein he included information on the questionable certificates and went further to admitting that he didn’t fill those information in his Form EC9 for 2022.

In his words he stated: “ I wrote not listed in the column for primary education and for the date I wrote 000”

For secondary school I wrote “ not listed and dates 000”

He admitted also that there were many cases to stop him and when asked if he defended on the merit, he replied “My Lawyer is here”.

He admitted making a deep poll to correct his name on 7/7/2011 but his stamp duty payment receipts for the said deep poll bears29th April 2022.

Too many lies and discrepancies surrounding all the said documents.

The case has however been adjourned to 22/2/2023 for adoption of final addresses by counsel.

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