NEW DAWN: Rt Hon Marcus Onobun Is The Right Man For The Job

As the countdown to the 2023 polls commence with parties primaries to pick flagbearers for the different elective positions, there has been a cacophony of voices in support or against some aspirants for reasons ranging from the absurd to the genuine.

In the case of who best qualifies to represent Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Abuja, the majority of the positive recommendations has been for Rt.Hon. Marcus Onobun, the incumbent Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly.

His choice by the delegates and indeed the majority of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not a surprise to those who have been following his political trajectory since his emergence in the political arena a couple of years ago.

His loads of achievements speak volumes for him. Right from his days as a political appointee up to this moment as  the number one legislator in Edo State there has not been any shade of doubt about his abilities.

Rt.Hon. Marcus’s  crisis and man management skills stands him out as a shining gem  in the midst of clusters. He has been tested and is trusted to deliver when the occasion calls for such.

Yes, there are so many others aspiring for the same position who are no pushovers but in this large gathering separating the wheat from the chaff gives Hon. Onobun the edge.

He is poles ahead of his opponents. His ability to galvanise activities in the chambers of the Edo legislature is top notch.  He is a man that many equate to a poster man for the Not Too Young to Run campaign slogan.

A better Okpebholo in view
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Rt Hon Marcus Onobun

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