OMENOSA, i am going to take out time this evening to extensively appreciate you for all the good works you do, the things you have done for us your protegés remains unrivaled in the history of our political space!

I woke up quite early today, and the moment i opened my eyes, the very first thought that came to my mind was singing praises of all you have done for us youths of Ndokwa Nation, from the platform you have provided for us to shine, to your creativity in opening new frontiers, you have left us marveled always, anybody that feels otherwise, how much is SNIPER again, yes go kill yourself!

OMENOSA, today Obi is no longer a boy, Simbi has grown into a very beautiful woman and Mr. Salomi no longer rides a bicycle all because of you, why then will we not say thank you, infact pardon us and accept our apologies for we don’t tell enough tales of your positive impart on the daily lives of our people!

Today, few leaders enjoying political patronage can boast of having true followers, take away the office they occupy and many will not even be recognized at public places, but not our Otunba, stay an ordinary man, we will still flock the CASTLE DE’OSANEBI same way devoted Muslims flock Mecca.

Otikitikiti, the man who sees the future, one of your amazing characteristics is your ability to read the mind of others, before they strike you know their plans, reason you are five steps ahead. When they think they have succeeded in keeping you down, oh my super boss like the Phoenix, you rise the tallest, you are the definition of an undisputed champion. In 2019 if Tacha of big brother was intelligent enough, she would have responded to Ebuka that the characteristics a winner must possess, is simply the CHAMPION SPIRIT OF OSANEBI!

Turaki Ndokwa, over time and at regular phases, i have critically examined all you have done for our people since your emergence as our supreme leader, like everyone else who has done same, my findings have been so revealing and heartwarming i get super excited each time i come across them. It tickles more when thoughts of what the future holds for us as a people because of you comes to my mind, truly it fills my stomach with butterflies and give me that special orgasmic feeling!

Yes, i know some will at the end of this very brief piece, call me a praise singer, some would even label me your loudest “vuvuzela” but wait a minute, why should I care what they think or what they call me, if i don’t praise MY SUPER BOSS, MENTOR, BENEFACTOR AND PATHFINDER, who will?

OMENOSA, let them call us your protegés whatsoever name they feel like, for your sake we are always ready to wear the names as a badge of honour but one thing is very clear, name calling is surely not enough to deter me and others from continually highlighting the marvelous works of thy hand, it will not stop me from spreading the goodnews and the breath of fresh air the name “OSANEBI” carries, indeed the mere mention of your name is goodnews to the ears of our people, little wonder the euphoric feeling when NEWS filters in that “OSANEBI” the GOOD man is coming, the instant joy on their faces tells the story, for they know you bring a breath of FRESH AIR!

TURAKI NDOKWA, to us youths, you are our KING, our TORCH BEARER, the SYMBOL of our COLLECTIVE STRUGGGLE and our NUMBER ONE INSPIRATION, to the women, you are their HERO and PACIFIER, to the elite and the political class, you are the BRIDGE BUILDER and SYMBOL OF UNITY, so many things you mean to different people, oh OSANEBI, WHAT A MAN YOU ARE!

OTUNBA, no matter what they say, you have written your name in pure gold, your footprints have been etched on the sands of time, your place in history is undeniable, one day soon, we will launch the book that will talk explosively about the GENIUS CALLED FRIDAY and tell TALES of THE LIVING LEGEND, this way future generations can have a first hand info of the man who stood tallest to ensure our people get a better deal when others ran away with their tails in between their legs!

Yes, my name is Idi Presley and i have never been more proud than i am now of being a GENERAL in the OSANEBI DYNASTY!


IDI PRESLEY IFEANYICHUKWU (Snr. Comr.), a Writer, Political Strategist, Analyst, IT Specialist and Motivational Speaker writes from somewhere on Earth.

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