Our attention has been drawn to a Facebook post made by one Mr. Azuka Jebose, in the said post Jebose an overseas based junkie, narrated how he obtained a leaked WhatsApp voice message from Asia Eze, a former security aide to Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko.

Jebose went further to narrate the content from the voice message he alleged to have been recorded by Asia Eze, wherein he accused the STAR PRINCE NED NWOKO of terrorism, murder and destruction of properties in his community.

Firstly, we wish to start by drawing the attention of everybody that Jebose being hired for the sole purpose of tarnishing the pristine image of Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is the world’s worst kept secret and in his quest to fulfil the wishes of his pay masters, Jebose has employed all manners of propaganda and this leaked WhatsApp message happens to be just another one in the long list.

Ansia in Turkey

To set straight the records, after our attention was drawn to the post, we immediately reached out to Mr. Asia Eze to find out if truly he was responsible for recording the leaked voice message, Asia denied in very clear terms that he never recorded any such message.

To clear the air, Asia recorded a “certified” strong worded voice message accusing Jebose of being the mastermind of the doctored voice message, oh Jebose when will you stop your evil and wicked manipulations?

Asia narrated how Jebose have continually reached out to him to form a collaboration in blackmailing Prince Ned Nwoko, but at every turn, he rejected, reminding Jebose how Prince Ned Nwoko remains the reason he is alive today, for it was the Prince of Philanthropy who settled his hospital bills totally over five million naira when he was admitted to hospital.

According to the “certified” WhatsApp voice message recorded by Asia in response to the doctored one being circulated by Jebose, Asia made it clear that neither he nor Prince Ned Nwoko is involved in whatsoever form in the Idumuje-Ugboko crisis, this has left everyone wondering what Jebose really stands to benefit from blackmailing a good man like Prince Ned Nwoko who has left no stone unturned in his quest to develop his community!

We have reiterated over time that Prince Ned Nwoko has no hand in the Idumuje-Ugboko crisis, arrest and subsequent incarceration of those charged with terrorism, the records and events to back up these claims are all available and easily accessible by the public.

Finally, we are sounding this last warning to Jebose and his sponsors to stop their blackmail, propaganda and spread of falsehood against Prince Ned Nwoko, one would think they will have learnt their lessons from their continuous failure especially as all the propaganda are always dead on arrival. Well, thank God our people are wiser now, they will never fall for all these cheap blackmails!

Prince Ned Nwoko remains very committed to seeing the malaria eradication project become one of the greatest success story told and committed more than ever to see the take off of Africa’s premier sports university, STARS, no amount of sponsored propaganda and blackmail will derail Africa’s greatest philanthropist!


Idi Presley Ifeanyichukwu writes from Asaba.

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