Gemini Gourmet, First Truck Restaurant Opens In Benin City In Grand Style

Residents of Benin City, the  Edo state capital are in for the best in hospitality treatment as the first truck kitchen Wednesday, 9th June open for business.

The restaurant on wheels was creative idea of a 22 years old culinary expert,  business developer, and a former Beauty Queen,  Ms Osatohanmwen Iwinosa Radiance, is set to redefine service delivery in hospitality business in Edo state.
The official opening of Gemini Gourmet at the popular Image Garden along Boundary road attracted top socialites and those who crave for the best in continental dishes. 

The former beauty Queen at the opening ceremony which also coincided with her birthday gave an insight into establishing the restaurant in a brief chat with PochogaNews crew. 
“It took a lot of courage, hard work, dedication and passion to follow this dream, It wasn’t easy leaving Benin city to Abuja to achieve this dream, I left Benin city to Abuja to attend a culinary school (Red dish chronicles) with just my school fees with no place to stay. 
“It was tough but I was very hopeful that God will do it and he did it” 

On the inspiration behind Gemini Gourmet truck restaurant she affirmed that Gemini Gourmet is the first mobile kitchen and bar in Edo State. When they were constructing the truck in Abuja (because the food truck is made in Nigeria) some of my friends advised that I leave it in Abuja and not to bring it to Benin city, in their words Benin is not exposed, which was a very wrong statement”.

“As a daughter of the soil I have always hoped to do something different in my hometown and I have always said that my first restaurant will be in Benin City. I am so happy to bring this Master piece to my home town”.

“Let me say Gemini Gourmet came into existences as a blessing from God, back then in 2019, I was still a student in culinary school. Whenever I prayed I would write that I wanted to own a restaurant in 2020 and open it on my birthday June 9th, I wrote that prayer without knowing where I was going to get the money or investors from to start the project. I just told God and today Gemini Gourmet is here launching June 9th 2021 with 20% discount on all our menu”.

“Everything makes perfect sense now, back in 2020 my mentor Chef Stone launched his food truck in Abuja, I did my internship in his food truck and I loved every moment working in his truck”

“There was one time I worked with Chef Fregz one of Africa’s biggest Chef, I can never forget that day we were driving somewhere when he asked me Nosa what do you want to do after your culinary education, I told him I wanted to own a restaurant in Benin city he said Nosa don’t open a restaurant do a food truck, there is no food truck in Benin city you can own the first food truck in Benin city”

“From that moment he said that to me, it was planted in my heart. Today Gemini Gourmet is the first food truck in Benin city. 

“Expect the best from us, we have done our homework and we are here to give you amazing tasty and healthy meals. And also expect more food trucks from us”.   

On How did she come about the name? The name Gemini for me came from the word Gem, we all know a Gem is a precious stone.  Gemini is a reflection of my  life and a reminder that no matter what is happening in ones life you can always shine out and be outstanding. A reminder that we are Gems and we have the ability to shine through the odds of life. That’s why all our clients are Gems.

“For now we are offering pick up, home and office delivery, our food truck is also up for event bookings. Our menu is exceptional we have intercontinental and Chinese dishes, anytime you stop by our food truck or call to make an order I highly recommend our signature Gem Rice”.

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